NutriGaard enhances production capabilities by supplying ingredients that improve texture, flavor, function and cost.

NutriGaard offers a professional range of specialty ingredients for sugar-coated, chocolate-coated or compound-coated sweets.

NutriGaard offers the most scientifically sound and effective nutraceuticals for innovative products.

NutriGaard offers the most scientifically sound and effective nutraceutical ingredients and formulations.

NutriGaard has been providing the confectionery industry with fresh ideas and innovative products for over 30 years.


NutriGaard  provides the confectionery and food industries with functional ingredients and innovative product formulations. Developed and produced by our in-house Contract Manufacturer, NutriGaard Confectionery Performers make sweets better!


NutriGaard formulates nutraceuticals to impart the
desired health and wellness benefits,
make your claim, strengthen and
extend your brand,
or create an entirely new product line.


We supply innovative functional ingredients
and create opportunities in
baking and snacks.